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With this issue of the journal, Democracy & Development recommences publication after a yearslong hiatus that was forced by circumstances beyond the control of Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD). For this re- commencement issue, we invited critical reflections on the theme of “Corruption and Democracy in Africa: Conjoined Histories.” Among other important dilemmas, we wanted to understand why corruption, understood simply as the diversion of public goods towards parochial ends, has persisted, and by certain measures worsened, across African countries; and why, crucially, transition to democracy has not coincided with the kind of drastic reduction in corruption that many had hoped for on the eve of the military’s departure from power. The papers in this issue, written by scholars as well as public policy practitioners, betray both the passion that any conversation on the subject tends to excite, and the diversity of perspectives, the latter invariably a function of real differences in disciplinary approach and intellectual temper.

For years, Democracy & Development was the leading outlet for the most informed opinion on democracy and public policy in Africa. The journal is happy to resume its place at the head of the intellectual table.

Ebenezer Obadare, Editor.


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