Analysing the Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown on Civilian Security Relations in Ghana

ABSTRACT: This article examines the security response to the coronavirus pandemic in Ghana and its impact on civilian-security relations. It examines the actions of members of the joint police and military taskforce who enforced public compliance to the restrictive measures the government imposed to break the transmission chain of the virus, contain its spread and manage infected cases. It makes specific reference to the attitudes and behaviors civilian and
police/military officers exhibited towards one another during the 21-day partial lockdown in the capital city of Accra, and Kumasi, as well as the subsequent nationwide gradual easing of imposed restrictions. There is enough evidence to suggest that the police and military usually have little attachment to professionalism and accountability when dealing with civilian matters. Rebuilding public confidence in both institutions is necessary for the provision of public security and maintenance of social order.

Keyword: Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown, social distancing, security response, civilian-security relations, Ghana

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