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Call for Papers – December Edition

Call for Contributions to a Thematic Issue of Democracy and Development: Journal of West African Affairs

Consistent with the sociology of protests in general, the #EndSARS protests against police brutality which convulsed several Nigerian cities in late 2020 foregrounded issues in the state-society interface that go beyond the immediate remit of the protests. In the case of #EndSARS, such include but are not limited to the problem of widespread insecurity in the country, police brutality as an aspect of everyday incivility, perennial tensions between law enforcement agencies and citizens, the deregulation and privatization of violence, transformations in the nature of civic engagement, the role of social media in the channelling and management of protests, and the emergence of women into positions of leadership and authority within a resurgent civil society.

For its December 2021 issue, Democracy and Development: Journal of West African Affairs, invites essays that address these issues, whether singly, or in combination. Given that we are still, relatively speaking, living in the afterglow of #EndSARS, we strongly encourage contributions that go to the heart of the protests, drawing on primary data where available. What hidden and emergent forces within the Nigerian public sphere were unleased by the protests, and to what extent do they share a genealogy with previous hashtag-inspired protests like #OurMumuDonDo and #TakeItBack? What does the reaction of the state tell us about its institutional weaknesses and strengths? How does #EndSARS illuminate changes in the structure, capacity, and potentiality of civil society in Nigeria? We are excited to consider papers that are primarily agitated by these questions, or at the very least take them as critical points of departure.

Democracy and Development is a peer-reviewed journal. Articles/essays submitted for publication must not exceed 5,000 words. The ideal essay is simple, yet sophisticated and lucid, far-reaching yet synoptic, shorn of academic jargonizing, and definitely free of the usual scholarly accompaniment of footnotes. The deadline for submission of articles for the next edition is September 15, 2021. Submissions and queries should be addressed to:

Democracy and Development: Journal of West African Affairs is a publication of the Abuja-based Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) West Africa, and is the only one of its kind entirely devoted to monitoring, reporting, explaining, and analyzing democratic trends and developments in the sub-region. Published biannually (in June and December), Democracy and Development focuses on the following interrelated themes:

i. Conceptualizing democracy and development in West Africa;

ii. Practical problems that have inhibited democratic
reform in the region;

iii. Civic organisations and the new and innovative programmes, activities, and agents driving the democracy and development agenda in the region;

iv. Conflict and peace-building; and

v. Public policy research (empirical and theoretical) on the democracy, security, and development nexus.

Democracy & Development is avidly read by researchers, journalists, opinion moulders, and policymakers across the sub-region and beyond.

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