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Democracy & Development – Journal of West African Affairs is a biannual (June and December editions), published by the Centre for Democracy & Development. The journal’s broad focus areas are:

  1.  Conceptualising Democracy and Development in West Africa;
  2.  Practical problems that have inhibited democratic reform in the region;
  3.  Civic organisations and the new and innovative programmes, activities, and personalities driving the democracy and development agenda in the region;
  4.  Conflict and peace-building;
  5. Public policy research (empirical and theoretical) on the democracy, security, and development nexus.

Democracy & Development: Journal of West African Affairs is the only one of its kind entirely devoted to reporting and explaining democratic developments in the sub-region. It is read widely by researchers, journalists, opinion moulders, and academics. The Journal is also a key resource for policy makers and analysts in government departments, extra governmental institutions, think tanks, and international organisations. Democracy & Development does not just inform and explain; it is also a forum for open and robust debate on political and economic trends in West Africa, encouraging a cross-fertilisation of ideas in the theoretical and practical aspects of democratisation, development, and peace building in the region.

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